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5 Major Reasons to Hire A Freelance Digital Marketer

July 9, 2022

As a freelance digital marketer based in Hyderabad, I have helped numerous businesses improve their online presence and growth through effective digital marketing strategies. Many business owners initially feel reluctant to hire a freelancer over an agency. However, freelancers offer several key advantages uniquely suited to small and mid-sized companies. Here are 5 compelling reasons to hire a freelance digital marketer for your business:

1. Cost Savings

One of the biggest reasons businesses hire freelancers is to save on costs compared to agencies. As an independent contractor, freelancers have very low overhead expenses. This enables passing on significant savings to clients. Freelancers charge only for specific services delivered rather than imposing hefty monthly retainers.

For example, as a freelancer I may charge Rs. 50,000 to optimize and manage your social media marketing for 2 months. An agency may charge Rs. 150,000 for the same scope of work. If you have a limited marketing budget, a freelancer allows stretching it further. Freelancers are an affordable way to jumpstart digital marketing activities.

2. Specialized Expertise

Digital marketing encompasses a wide array of disciplines – SEO, social media, PPC, email, content and more. Rather than hiring an entire team, freelancers allow access to specialized experts in specific areas you need help with.

As a freelancer, I have deep expertise in SEO and social media precisely. Clients can hire me knowing they are getting a specialist, not a generalist. Based on business goals, freelancers can provide strategic expertise otherwise difficult for small businesses to access cost-effectively.

3. Flexibility

Freelancers offer tremendous flexibility compared to agencies. You can hire them for a single project or on an ongoing basis – whichever suits your needs. There are no long-term contracts. Freelancers are willing to work odd hours and can quickly adapt to changing priorities.

This means as a business owner, you have freedom to test out new marketing tactics without major commitments. With an agency, making even small adjustments can be an ordeal. Freelancers offer agility to try new things and see what resonates best.

4. Personalized Service

Unlike agencies that handle hundreds of clients, freelancers can provide personalized attention and care. With a freelancer, you are a major client, not just one small fish in a big pond.

Freelancers make time for frequent communications and strategy sessions. You can easily get your questions answered and ideas implemented. There is no complex internal approval processes. Freelancers help tailor marketing activities based on your distinct goals and customers. This level of personalization leads to better outcomes.

5. Fresh Perspective

In-house marketing teams often get stuck in status quo processes that limit innovation. Freelancers provide an infusion of energy, new ideas and outside expertise.

With a fresh pair of eyes looking at your marketing, freelancers can identify gaps and opportunities for improvement you may have overlooked. They stay on top of the latest trends and technologies to implement for clients.

Freelancers help shake things up in a positive way – challenging conventional thinking that may be hampering growth. The outside perspective delivered can catalyze real impact.

For businesses in Hyderabad seeking to get more from their marketing budget, hiring a talented freelance digital marketer is definitely worth considering. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs – I would be happy to provide strategic ideas tailored to your business goals.

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